Sunday, April 15, 2012

Speak Your Mind

I have been venturing, again, into art journaling.  It is something I LOVE to look at and admire, but I am intimidated to actually DO.  Why?  Well, I can give you a bazillion reasons, none of which are good :).  So, here I go, just going, and playing, and enjoying the process, because THAT is what art journaling is.

The other morning, on the way to work, I saw a bumper sticker and it spoke to me.  So much so, I got to work and emailed what it said to myself.  I wanted to be certain I didn't forget.  I decided it was perfect motivation for a page.

I had a total blast creating the background with Dylusions sprays.  After it dried I used glaze to put on the ransom words.  The flames at the bottom were created using mica powders mixed with glaze and applied through the Crafters Workshop Flames stencil.  The leftover mixed up glaze I applied lightly over and around the ransom words.  I added some gesso to the page edges and created a sun and heart with them as well.

 I used my sharpie to outline the flames and draw the shapes more clearly that I created with the gesso.

 I stamped the Victoria Bonita image on the right and wrote some words around her that are reminders to me of attributes I need to embrace and not be afraid of.  I then highlighted it with the silks ice.   I wasn't able to capture the shimmer and the image in the same photo, but know it is GORGEOUS!

Have you ever had something just speak loudly to you?  What was it?  Did you honor the feelings and the process?  That is what I am attempting to do.  I am also trying to learn the lesson and not forget.

Get Inky!


Kelli said...

Very awesome!!! I love the Dylusions sprays!!! Have them all sitting here waiting to get used!!! Your page is awesome! Love the phrase and the flames!!!

Handmade Hannah said...

There are so many lovely details on your pages. Thanks for sharing :)

Danni said...

Love this! So creative and awesome!

Lorraine said...

Yow, this is cool, Alex! I've got to try some wild journaling soon!