Sunday, August 30, 2009

The story of the Samoas

Once upon a time, in the land of Two Tumbles, lived a King, his beautiful Queen and two lovely daughters.

Each year, for a short time, the magical Green Fairies would appear throughout the land. The fairies in training, who were dressed in brown until they were old enough to don the magical green, would accompany them. The fairies would bring the most delicious delicacies with them and sell them to the people of the land. Then the people would anxiously await the arrival of the fairies the next year.

The Queen of Two Tumbles was with child and desperately desired one of the Green Fairies’ delicacies named Samoa. The time for the fairies to appear was past and their next visit was not for many months. The King, loving his Queen very much and wanting to please her placed a call throughout the land for anyone who might be able to provide the Queen with the requested delicacy.

There was an Evil Empire in the land that sought to destroy all that was good and honest. This included the Green Fairies. The Evil Empire attempted to do so but creating imitations of some of the Green Fairies’ delicacies that would be available through out the year. The King loved his Queen so dearly he considered visiting the Evil Empire. However, he learned that there were no imitations of the Somoa delicacy sought by the Queen and was saved from entering the darkness.

The King had a sister who had married and become the Duchess of Boy-Z. She heard of his call and put out a call of her own. A friend of the Duchess of Boy-Z, the Lady Red Boots, heard the call. The Lady Red Boots was a defender of justice and prosecutor of evil so knew that she must do what is right. She contacted the Duchess of Boy-Z to tell her she had saved some of the delicacies from the last visit of the Green Fairies including the Samoas requested by the Queen. The Lady Red Boots offered up the Samoas. The only problem was the delicacies were found in Boy-Z not Two Tumbles and needed to be transported to the Queen.

Now, at this time, the Lady Red Boots was accompanied in her fight against wrong by the Lady Valentine. An evil witch named Economy had cursed the Lady Valentine. Economy declared that the Lady Valentine would be separated from her true love, Lord Valentine, and only allowed to see him on the weekends. Having no choice, the Lord and Lady Valentine accepted the curse until they are able to find a way to break it. The Lord Valentine resided in the land of Two Tumbles and so the Lady Valentine traveled every weekend from the land of Boy-Z to the land of Two Tumbles.

Lady Red Boots remembered the curse placed upon Lady Valentine and requested her assistance in transporting the Green Fairies’ Somoa delicacy to the pregnant Queen. Being of pure heart and good nature, the Lady Valentine readily agreed to do so. She took the Somoas from the Lady Red Boots and placed them in her carriage for the trip to Two Tumbles. Upon arrival in Two Tumbles, she went immediately to the King and delivered the much sought after Somoas.

The Queen was ecstatic and this pleased the King greatly. He issued a proclamation that the Ladies Red Boots and Valentine from the land of Boy-Z were most brave and true and forever welcome in Two Tumbles.

And they lived happily ever after.


mamachele said...

I love this! I love this! I really love this!!!!!!!

sherri said...

That is a fabulous story!

Anonymous said...

Alex, I much prefer this version of your Samoa story and love the Ladies Red Boots and Valentine for making this happen.

Hugs, Lynn

Betty said...

Once again 'the' boots save the day... :) Aren't friends awesome!!!!!

Kimberlee said...

You are hilarious!!

:) Kimberlee

Judi said...

What a cute story Alex - love it! Lady Red Boots you're awesome to still have the little green fairy treats!

Jenn said...

Too cute, Alex!!! It'd be great on a layout! :D