Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A house of boys

I and the cat are the only females in a house full of boys. Now, full here means 2 sons, a hubby and their assorted friends. That said, I am going to share some observations about living in a house where the boys out number the girls.

1-bodily functions are things to be discussed at length-especially if it gives you bragging rights

2-we have a family orthopedist

3-teenage boys smell, not a little, but a LOT! Candles and warmers just don't cut it, but sometimes you do what you have to do

4-appropriate dinner time conversation is subject to a much broader range of topics than I would really like it to be

5-humoring Mom and ooing and aahing over things pink, lacy or pretty is something required, not optional, even if you have no idea what the item is

6-calling a person names and insulting or teasing them mercilessly is actually a good thing because it means you like them

And finally----- the toilet seat stays up.


Jackie said...

Hi Alex,
This made me laugh, kinda refreshing to hear about boys.I am your exact opposite. we are three girls in a house with my hubby being the only guy(poor GUY) .Teenage girls have just as many issues except they don't smell.Instead you have to share everything you have with them and discuss all kinds of things you'd rather not and three of us PMSing should send hubby packing..LOL
Thanks for giving me a glimpse of life with boys.:)

Chiara said...

my condolences. We are mostly girls. Me and C and 2 girl dogs against G and J. I find boys to be gross.

Chris said...

Oh you did make me laugh Alex, I know exactly what you mean, same in my house, all men and even the dog is male! :) Chris