Monday, June 18, 2007

The old lady in the mirror

KEEPS SHOWING UP!! I swear I do not know who she is and why she is here, but I would really like her to go away. Now she is bringing all these strange places for adding some extra weight. What is with that? I have been very consistent about going to the gym and have never had to fight a weight issue, gain issue anyway, in my life. I am that person you all hated that had problems gaining weight. NOT NOW!! This really sucks and I don't like it and I don't even honestly know what to do!!! This is all new territory. Why it is starting at the same time I am actually trying to exercise, also a new thing for me, I do not understand.
Ok, I just had to vent someplace because most people I know look at me like I have three eyes or something and tell me I look fine and to quit worrying about it. Obviously that is NOT going to happen :).

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Anonymous said...

The old lady in my mirror has a giant hair on her chin! What's that all about. You would think she would have noticed it befor it got to be two feet long! =)