Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sewing on paper?

Oh, yes! I swore this was a thing I would never do. It looks really neat, but just seemed like too much effort to me. Keep in mind I have a very old and very heavy machine with no craft room, so everything has to be gotten out each time. Well, I caved. I joined a card swap and the other evening I created the card in my mind and the sewing was part of it. I have to say that I am pleased with how it turned out. It is almost as nice as I imagined which is much better than usual :).

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Kim Ross said...

Love your sewn-on card! I still haven't sewn on a card, but it's because I can't find the power cord for my sewing machine. (It was a garage sale find, so not a big investment.) I've been toying around with getting a new sewing machine just for cardmaking. Who knows? Maybe I could learn how to acually sew, too!