Friday, February 09, 2007

Never Ask

Never ask "what else could happen?". Why? You will find out. My youngest (and I) were up all Wednesday night because he was sick. He is much, much better today and headed to school. I just hope it either hurries through the rest of the family or stays away. I can't bring my brother here to recuperate if we are all sick!

My niece is scheduled for her cardiac surgery on Monday. The Dr.s say they don't find anything else and expect this to be a very straight forward surgery. She will probably still be there for another 4 weeks, but at least now her Mom has been able to join her. That is a very important part of the process, for both of them!

On a brighter note, I am all signed up for a scrapbooking retreat in April. I can hardly wait! I feel like I am in paper withdrawals. There hasn't been time for me to touch much of my scrap stuff lately. I have made a few cards, but not much else. I picked up 10 rolls from the developer so I really NEED to get busy :). I have gotten some sewing done though. Made great progress on Brandt's denim quilt and finished up a few in progress projects. That feels GREAT!

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