Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I have given this quite a bit of thought and really think that I need to continue in the same vein as last year. If I can work each day on a task that I have put off or finish a started task/item then I will make a lot of progress and much more than I would have otherwise. To select a task daily to complete that is on my list of "projects". Not the entire project, but a step. Eventually, I hope, to be overwhelmed by my progress :).

So, right here I am stating that my goal for today is to turn out the cookbook bookshelf. I did a tiny bit of this before year end by removing the most obvious items. Cook books that I had not used in more than two years. However, this area needs more than just that. Tonight I will empty it, clean it off and selectively restock/organize it.

I am anxious to see how this process of daily goals goes and hope I am able to report a lot of success!!

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Courtney said...

Alex, when I get married will you make me a pretty afghan?? You do such a good job!!