Friday, December 08, 2006

Great Friends

I am very blessed to have some wonderful and amazing people as my friends. Unfortunately, it seems that some of them move away. I guess it is inevitable and part of life, but it is still a big bummer.

One of my very dear friends moved to Alaska. (For those of you that know me, can you see a pattern;)). I would love to see Gayle more often, but am able to keep in touch via email and occasional phone calls.

The other day a package arrived from her that I was not expecting. I opened it and found this beautiful advent calendar she had made. All of the stitching is hand done. She has to have spent hours on this. It is wonderful and I love it! Needless to say, the minute I opened the box and saw it I began to bawl like a big ol' baby. She really made me feel special and important. Thank you so much Gayle for the wonderful gift of your friendship!!!

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